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Platform & Bench Scale

Platform and bench scales can be used for shipping and inventory. Platform scales is mainly known for its durability. It is an extremely sturdy device considering its high weight bearing capacity, in other word 'Heavy duty weighing scales'. These industrial weighing scales have widespread applications. Platform Scales can be connected to large external digital display which helps the user to view the reading even from far distance. The low maintenance makes the device priceless.


  • Rugged & Heavy duty design
  • High resolution
  • Environmentally protected load cells
  • Counting function available
  • Battery backup in all models
  • Remote display available
  • SS platform cover having SS/MS Rod fitted over it
  • Provided with transportation lock

Performance Specifications

ModelCapacityReadabilityPan Size (mm)
Bench Scale
TAPP 3030 kg.05 gm.400 x 400
TAHP 30 B30 kg.02 gm.400 x 400
TAHP 40 B40 kg.01 gm.300 x 300
TAHP 60 A60 kg.01 gm.400 x 400
TAHP 6060 kg.05 gm.400 x 400
TAHP 60 B60 kg.02 gm.400 x 400
Platform Scale
TAPP 100100 kg.10 gm.600 x 600
TAPP 200200 kg.20 gm.600 x 600
TAPP 300300 kg.50 gm.600 x 600
TAPP 500500 kg.50 gm.600 x 600
TAPP 500500 kg.50 gm.750 x 750
TAPP 10001000 kg.200 gm.1000 x 1000
TAPP 20002000 kg.500 gm.1000 x 1000
Precision Platform Scale
TAHP 100100 kg.05 gm.500 x 500
TAHP 200200 kg.10 gm.600 x 600
TAHP 300300 kg.20 gm.600 x 600
Four Load Cell System
TAPP 1T1000 kg.200 gm.1000 x 1000
TAPP 2T2000 kg.500 gm.1200 x 1200
TAPP 3T3000 kg.500 gm.1200 x 1200
TAPP 4T4000 kg.1000 gm.1200 x 1200
TAPP 3T3000 kg.1000 gm.1500 x 1500

Note : Products design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.